Corporate Power vs Adaptive Governance

Currently,there are no mechanisms to fight against monopoly of resources by the corporate world.

capitalist logic of unlimited economic growth

“The concept of sustainable development was extraordinarily effective both politically and ideologically. It responded in terms that seemed to take into account the criticisms of the development model, while in fact reinforcing it. It functioned like a tranquilliser in that it created the illusion that effective measures were being taken to respond to the diagnosed crisis. By not questioning the logic of capitalist accumulation and the model of industrial society as the fundamental causes of the destruction of the conditions that make life possible, it provided new legitimacy to neoliberal globalisation, which began to present itself as sustainable, despite its overwhelmingly devastating dynamic.”

.”..accumulation by dispossession through opencast mining, oil extraction, massive dams, and genetically modified monoculture.”

the dogmas of the free market, which the era of neoliberal globalisation has established as the only possible world view for the multilateral organisms and those “in charge of formulating policy”

Edgardo Lander

Professor of Social Sciences at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas

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