False Solutions and Land Grabbing

We live in a time when market forces worldwide are dominated by the neoliberal thinking that has brought the planet to the verge of collapse. We have reached critical levels on food, water, environment and the economy. All to benefit just a few, a  1% of humanity, which has also found ways to keep benefiting from the climate crisis.  The kind of false solutions they propose are well under way besides their negative impacts, discussed more deeply in the Central American context (see section on CC adverse impacts in CA). It follows an introductory video and some other videos about land grabbing in Africa and Asia.


Nowadays, we are witnessing the largest resource grabbing since colonial times.  Main actors in this takeover are energy giants (Exxon, BP, Chevron, Shell, Total), pharmaceutical companies (Roche, Merck), top agro-businesses (Unilever, CArgill, Dupont, Monsanto, Bunge, Procter & Gamble), chemical companies (Dow, Dupont, BASF), together with the most powerful military (USA).


Currently, the only REAL SOLUTION is keeping fossil fuels in the ground if we want to avoid catastrophic climate change.


Videos about Uganda and Indonesia by Jason Taylor

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